Tue. Dec 1st, 2020

Getting Ready

2 min read

Speedway is in the air, we can feel the season approaching just around the corner. We have an awesome program for you guys this season with memorable meetings and action packed bar to bar racing by the two wheeled gladiators of the ovals. We are particularly happy to annouce that everything points to racing happening at Greene NY and we hope to have a full schedule up for you asap.

East Coast Speedway TV are doing great things for us with their promotion of speedway and have already begun collecting funding for the 1st KEVIN THRIFT MEMORIAL TROPHY which is being held on the 22nd JUNE, 2019 at CHAMPION SPEEDWAY, OWEGO, NY. So far they report that you the fans have helped raise $200 for the event and they aim to raise more as the date gets closer.

Right now, Jason Bonsignore is enjoying the hospitality of Steve Luxton at his speedway museum and bar. Steve is a star from the popular Gladiator TV show in the UK where he performed as COBRA. Steve Luxton long-time speedway support and sponsor, most recently he backed Plymouth speedway team who are now known as the Plymouth Gladiators.

Finally, Danny MoonBeam is doing well with his new lung. He is determined to be in shape for the new season and is displaying resolve to meet his goal of getting on a bike before the season is out in 2019. Please support his GOFUNDME and FACEBOOK (link to be put in soon) campaigns.

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